Friday, August 31, 2012

FSCB Challenge 4 Entry 4 - Rain or Shine

FSCB Challenge 4 Entry 3 - Boys Only

FSCB Challenge 4 Entry 2 - RUN

My Mom asked me - where did you get this green thing? Ma - its what they call negative.. or the remainder of the aas stickers....

FSCB Challenge 4 Entry 1 - CRAZY ME

Life is crazy! I plan a lot in my mind and yet those that were not planned happens or simply carried through.

The layout is my entry to the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge number 4. I could not say "inspired" since I just tried to follow the sketch as much as I can...

I use a self photo - I love taking self pics! Learning to love oneself is the greatest love they say.....

I used Out and Loud paper set from All About Scrapbooking.,