Sunday, March 31, 2013

FSCB 16 gelyn & toby wedding ARROW 43

I love weddings and this I chose to embellish and share!


FSCB 16 gelyn & toby wedding ARROW 42

FSCB 16 gelyn & toby wedding ARROW 41

FSCB 16 gelyn & toby wedding ARROW 40

FSCB 16 obet ARROW 39

FSCB 16 obet ARROW 38

FSCB 16 karl ARROW 37

FSCB 16 obet and karl ARROW 36

SCB 16 karl and obet ARROW 35

FSCB 16 karl and obet ARROW 34

FSCB 16 karl and obet ARROW 33

FSCB 16 karl ARROW 32

FSCB 16 : family ARROW 31

FSCB 16 : family ARROW 30

FSCB 16 : family Arrow 29

FSCB 16 : family ARROW 28

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 24

I went to the Botanical garden by myself by the hop on, hop off bus. It was a long ride and so i took a self picture with the road as a back drop.

Then I remembered an 8 x 8 of AAS with long winding road.. trimmed the upper part.. fun!

Hmmm, how do I further complement it for the challenge? I placed an arrow pointying ot eh left, and the other squares or rectangles placed on top instead. I also took the other AAS stickers and placed it on green paper.. voila... the feel of the botanical garden wherein my picture was taken!

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 23

Belat!!! Beeeee!!!

Tongue out!!! I did tour Singapore alone, taking a hop on, hop off bus - it felt like dejavu but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

I found an 8 x 8 deco paper and cut it out, it did went well with my wacky emotion.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 22

Another moment alone in the Singapore trip? Yeah, despite that 4 of us left the Philippines, and still 4 of us returned to the Philippines.

During the trip - two had a disagreement that sort of made us all go on our separate ways... well, I intend to have a good time, a vacation so I smiled and went on... with or without them.

In the layout, I made the basic sketch and then just added more of the paper making ti a bit more abstract and still having me as the center, the focus.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 21

For my Davao trip, I only stayed in 1 hotel but I tried two rooms! The first was good for two when Rene stayed with me over the weekend. When he left, I moved to a smaller room - a single room and here I am - taking another self pic.

Alone and smiling that I have survived so far! Well, in that Davao trip I had 2 objectives: get my things I had entrusted to Rene ( received !) and join the AAS Davao contest (won!)

Any reason not to smile? see? SMILE!!

Life is good! By yourself or with friends, enjoy it always!

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 20

Still smiling and taking self pics.. I was alone in our hotel room - the third and last one we stayed in Singapore.

We registered 3 guests although there were 4 of us - just to get a cheaper room rate. Actually, the reception at one time even asked me, questioned me about it : my reaction - sorry  sorry, me english not good, not understand.. sorry... ask my friends..

and coupled that with a confused and lost look.. i left the reception without really answering her....

Oh my - it was one trip i would never likely to forget! Ever!

FSCB 15 : me ARROW 19

I know I should not dislike my own pic but I do - My mother do not take good pictures of me, but I would not think that is how she looks at me.

Oh well, since I do not have that much pictures... minus well scrap it... despite a crappy picture...

I will and I shall lose weight - that would be my motto forever... due to a yoyo weight and all

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 18

Smiling at myself, well, minus well surround myself with flowers. This was actually the last one I did over the weekend...

I survived another weekend.. and this would be the 24th one.

Aside from the layout : hmmmm

Imagine, I got locked out actually! Around 8pm last sunday, 24 March 2013, I left some layouts to buy some food and eat my second meal for the day. I heard "kalansing" from my pocket so I simply assumed I have my keys! So, I got myself locked out from the house!

I decided to go to Glorietta and then there was a downpour as in I entered the moviehouse wet! I felt like a movie nymphet wearing a white cotton shirt who just joined a wet look contest!

Then an insight : comfort rooms has those hand driers! Yes, before the start of the movie, I was in the rest room trying to dry my t shirt. I was inside just wearing my blue cargo shorts, half naked!

Looking back... it is nice to smile... life is crazy ... crazy that one simply has to smile to live it minute by minute

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 17

Yes.. SMILE! I always smile at people for life is good!

Hmmm - there are so much negative things in life: being alone and single, being jobless, having no money... waiting for food courtesy of your mother... things that makes a person stay in bed, in one's bedroom cocooned from the world...

Then the internet beckons, one reads facebook updates, receives text messages... One has to face the world and the best way : SMILE!

For no matter what, smile for one has the opportunity to smile despite adversities of life!

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 16

I do make faces for the camera, you should try it. At times, it offers uniqueness when we are suppose to be wacky.

Now... more about the picture? None.. am having my senior moment - I could not remember where or when the picture was taken except that I normally smile and that is not my usual face.. was just for the camera....

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 15

I love the base paper despite it being water damage and all. It makes me smile thus it just right that I use a smiling pic of myself.

The base paper was damage so I had to trim it and paste it on another paper thus it has white border on both sides. Not really an intended design but more to make use of the good design.

The basic layout was likewise moved downwards sing I do not want to cover the paper.. especially that one bird.. just like me, a lone bird.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 14

September 11 or 911 would be forever etched at the mind of most people, like me. So I stay a little bit longer in bed, dreading to come out to the real world.

This is actually the first layout I did of the arrow series or of the challenge. In cleaning out my Mom's destash, i found this half finish layout - base paper already prepared but no picture. So I slapped my picture, mat in blue since I was wearing blue sando and the wall is blue. Then, I used black and white pattern paper ( 6 x 6 AAS paper stack) since it goes with my black bed.. and mat it in blue.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 13

 I took a self pic at Central mall in Davao, I have a floral background so I looked for floral squares. A simple blue base paper that goes along with my shirt.

There are moments that I wish I was with someone to share that tour and moments I am good at what I do have - myself!

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 12

One of those mornings that my gear is still to be jolted by a cup of coffee.. wearing a black sando so i used black mat for the squares. And I used a gear template mask for my misting of blue - after all I do have a blue bedroom usually with blue beddings.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 11

Mojo slowly returning... actually just trying to make use of water damaged papers of my mom... but it does look nice, a bit more creative.

Not a self pic but one taken by one of the museum curators - Davaoenos are surely so nice. One can travel alone and still have a good time which I did.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 10

I am single, unattached except to my cat - Luna. So, I am not exactly loveless. I love my cat, I feel loved by my mother and by my family...

The AAS paper has been discontinued just like my relationships. But I still look on the new designs or paper sets of AAS - just the same that I still look at possibilities, looking here and there hoping to meet someone that I can share my life with... that one day, the love I have for my cat would be shared with a person.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 09

Me at the first hotel during our Singapore trip, it was a 5 day trip in which we had transferred to 3 hotels and wasted 2 days looking for a hotel! I know, there should be some planning - i did not because i presumed my friends had done it since they just invited me to come with them... lesson learned!

100% AAS papers... the black and white floral print is from a 6 x 6 paper stack. Before I refuse to look at other sizes of their paper since I scapr 12 x 12 layouts but other sizes are good for embellishments and layering!

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 08

For the color schemes or tone of my layout, I look at my picture for colors to pic - usually not at me since I basically wear turquoise or some shade of blue.

Thus, in this pic taken at my late grandmother's place (Lola Osay) - I notice the plate and flower base..and from tehre I used blue squares and the yellow base paper.

The paper is Canon watercolour paper misted with yellow.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 07

I think my creative mojo is slowly coming out. This is still a straightforward scraplift of the challenge but I like it despite the simplicity - for me, the oomph is the black mat that I used.

In cleaning the stash, I saw loose leaves of the black album offered by AAS, these is what I used to mat the pictures and the squares.

I used a plain 12 x 12 green paper like bond paper, and just to add a little depth, I placed a light blue wax paper... nice! Pardon me for adoring my own work.

The self pic is of me on my last touring day at Singapore, I think Sentosa Park with a genuine smile.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 06

Ok.. so I had a "disastrous" trip to Singapore with friends. On my own, I embarked a trip to Davao City, Philippines and I got to visit this museum in Davao. It was nice, it was free and they allowed limited picture taking.

Regarding the layout - 100% AAS papers with some no longer available.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 05

and.. this is me without the gel in my residence! I laughed at myself looking at my hair. And this is one pciture I have to admit and realize why some people think I am female by my face!

Well, one thing sure - I am not ugly but I am not masculine handsome but "femininely" handsome.

I also see why my parents, particularly my father, wants me to keep my hair short.. I look more feminine with long hair... but then, abroad - it did not seem much of an issue.. unlike here in the Philippines.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 04

One of the first five layouts I did over the weekend, so simple, simply followed the sketch. 100% AAS papers - a plain 12 x 12 and then i used 6 x 6 stack paper.

The pic was 26 March 2010! My God! This is exactly me three years ago! Hmmm, I have 24 layouts and all solo shots, or self pics. Well, why should my happiness or pictures depend on other people? If you can do it by yourself, do it!

This is me inside my office room in Caracas, Venezuela. I fixed my hair with gel.. lots of it!

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 03

A plain paper misted at the center, so subtle that the centered color splat was covered by the photo.

I used a 6 x 6 paper stack of AAS, 2 sheets of them, which i find to be classical so no more other embellishment or paper.

This is a self pic of me in our third hotel in Singapore! yeah.. it was a 5 day trip in which 2 days were wasted looking for a hotel! But instead of feeling sad.. .ionus well smile and take a self pic!

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 02

A serious look or rather a sleepy me. Hmmm.. looking at the thumb nail.. my eyes look creepy!

I used the FSCB 16 challenge sketch with minute permutations aside from the papers, rotating it by 90 degrees. Somehow I see the sketch as having diamond squares focusing or directing on the centered picture.

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 01

I sort of had a creative drain after the Challenge 15 of FSCB. When I saw the challenge 16, nothing registered.. dismayed...

Then last friday, I already saw some entries... hmmmm - they were digital layouts.. i felt threatened, i wanted the goodies from Bessie! So to break the dry spell, I started cleaning or organizing my mother's stash. I saw papers and even spent an evening to morning drying with a heater / embossing gun water damaged and sticked together papers!

I ended up with 24 layouts over the weekend but I apologize in advance that these are basic layouts - basic as not so much embellishments, I simply followed the sketch... minus the be mine ring.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Grin as in smile. This is me and my nephew Kianel, the sweetest and most charming of my two nephews.    For a masculine layout, I limited myself to the color of gray and brown - nearest to what we were wearing.

Good thing, I also found some black or dark buttons that i was able to place spice up the page.