Saturday, March 9, 2013


When I posted these series from the fun fair, I want this to be the last one... in a way, I am a fortune teller since I read the Tarot cards but I prefer being known more as a Tarot card reader. I enjoy tarot card reading since I provide some counselling to some person, I provide some insights. I always explain that its not exactly fortune telling since nothing is defintie.

We all have our own decisions.. and others have their own decisions.. so what may be read today would be different tomorrow!

I only used one puncher for the round and rectangular based.

The moment in this series is maximizing the AAS Fun Fair set in as much layouts I can make.  Last touch was the blue butterfly and the layered flower placed with the brads. ( These brads are my own stash : bought them at the tiangge or discounted price.. so one would see these embellishments for a long, long time...)

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