Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FSCB 16 : me ARROW 18

Smiling at myself, well, minus well surround myself with flowers. This was actually the last one I did over the weekend...

I survived another weekend.. and this would be the 24th one.

Aside from the layout : hmmmm

Imagine, I got locked out actually! Around 8pm last sunday, 24 March 2013, I left some layouts to buy some food and eat my second meal for the day. I heard "kalansing" from my pocket so I simply assumed I have my keys! So, I got myself locked out from the house!

I decided to go to Glorietta and then there was a downpour as in I entered the moviehouse wet! I felt like a movie nymphet wearing a white cotton shirt who just joined a wet look contest!

Then an insight : comfort rooms has those hand driers! Yes, before the start of the movie, I was in the rest room trying to dry my t shirt. I was inside just wearing my blue cargo shorts, half naked!

Looking back... it is nice to smile... life is crazy ... crazy that one simply has to smile to live it minute by minute

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