Saturday, March 9, 2013


Searching for ideas and for what have you.. found this picture of my Mom and thus I took it out to be scrapped immediately!

My Mom asked me where did I get the round scalloped base - "Ma, i just cut a round shaped using the circle cutter and then punched it with a Martha Stewart, except I had to estimate it"

Then I used one of the foam rubber cut outs given by Madam Iris Babao - Uy ( it was a very small birthday lunch ).  Found  a white leaf and use it as a base for the rose. I placed three butterflies punch out.. and thus.. the center body is done.

The lower half is comprised of two Martha Stewart punched border.. colored and then the reversed side which is white! I used the gem stick ons and brads of AAS for simple embellishment.

Smart moment : The paper I used at the bottom is no longer 12 inches - so when I used the puncher, ooops, there would be a gap! What I did is look at my quote stash (simple moments make great memories - just like watching movies ), frame it and place it over that unpunched center!

Musical note washi tape to embellish a movie musical and a writing washi tape for such a classic.

The "DREAM" sticker is from a travel theme embellishment of AAS, but then, I dreamed a dream is the most known song from the musical.

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