Saturday, March 9, 2013


I cry specially when I am alone. Crying brings catharsis and I love the peaceful feeling, that bliss after the tears had fell off my eyes.

I took a self pic of myself 01 January 2013 - and red is a strong color, suitable for the start of the year.  Thus, from there, naturally the best complement would be red and all.. and the title from the AAS Fun Fair set - the strong man!

One needs to be strong to survive in this world, and despite the tears and the depressions that I had suffered, I would like to think and reassure myself that I am a strong person for I had endured and survive for quite so far!

The circle laser cut I used is from AAS - STILL AVAILABLE! (as of 10 March 2013) Now, there is no red shade, so I used the back side and colored it from red distress ink! For the rectangular base, I used two punchers... the daisy and then top it with the scallop - and for the irregular space.. hid it with the butterfly!

Now, I had space for some journalling... but it seems I prefer journalling on this blog than on my layouts... i do blubber a lot and i find it easier to blabber on the keyboard than try to think in a few words.. so i took out  AAS embellishment - a shaker, star foam shape, and those gem brads!

I used a washi tape that shows blue and red - postage... well, it can be easily replaced by a ribbon if you like to scrap lift...

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