Saturday, March 9, 2013


TRIP - refers to the Vietnam trip, then the cruise to Ha long Bay. It also refers to our hobby - our "trip" of scrapbooking...

I posted this last because after this, i felt exhausted as if drained of whatever creativity. But then, I used a lot of the AAS flowers - the native craft, fabric, and velvet!

Likewise, I extend my gratitude to Ms. Iris Babao - Uy who lend the use of her Martha Circle cutter and the insight of cutting into half the circle, which she used in two layouts.. me - I used both halves to border the picture which serve as a base for the flowers.

My Mom immediately commented on how nice - and what are her flowers doing in the layout! I said, I found them in a paper bag, plastic box, and just lying on the table.. still so much for her to use. Honestly and literally, you can just pick scrapbook embellishments from the floor!

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