Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blogapalooza Loot experience!

We got an orange eco bag for the Blogapalooza event that is sponsored by Eagle's Wings Enterprises and Mindful Creations. The eco bag has a good informative brochure and printed on it are the following information:
 Manila - Eagle's Wings Enterprises
0922 807 8256
(02) 684 7127 / 535 0643

The Regroe booth asked us to register then a blue ecobag with a memo pad that has a website url and telephone number, a pregroe shampoo sachet, a 10ml hair regrowth treatment, and 2 brochures! The booth excited me and my mom, both of us are diabetic and are experiencing hair loss. Clearly, to know more and show appreciation there is

Ace Hotel & Suites gave a black eco bag, a folder with brochures / pamplet, a mug, and a 2016 desk calendar. Inside the folder is an Ace Water Spa privelege card offering 10% off on food and spa valid until 2016.

Booth Emporia asked us for a picture and then there is a black ecobag, bag, an unreadable gift voucher and a magnetic card. I have no idea what is their site, facebook account or anything. I would have to google them. have a very nice booth wherein we named 15 restaurants within 60 seconds and we won a shirt! Actually, my Mom wore the shirt immediately on the 26th when she went shopping.

A sample chair massage from Ginhawa spa and dining by Mont Albo. They gave a brochure with no site but telephone nuberm 403 2270 / 0917 887 6070. Their facebook is ginhawaspadining instagram montalbospas and twitter montalbospas

Dr. Kong booth gave a cd, a personalized card (said to be a discount card but details not printed), and a brochure. They are very professional and nice, gave my mother a computerized foot checking. I am sure we would be going to one of their clinics within the year. Facebook DrKOngPH Twitter @drkongshoes and Instagram @drkongshoes

JB Music has a photobooth! Thank you...well, just google or search for any further details, wala eh.

Aquabest gave a blue twistable fan. Well, the brand is quite popular, no other info available. Google na lang if interested.

I have a red twistable fan from Grand Videoke printed with
I like their slogan, so happy together. Sad to say, me and my mom are both tone dead thus we are simply grateful for the freebie.

Hotel Sogo gave me four Php120 Gift certificate with no expiration date! The gift certificate specified their facebook and twitter account : hotelsogo. Their website is
I love their token: a red leatherette key chain embossed with Hotel Sogo on the front and at the back : so clean so good

Found a calling card from Amada's Leche Flan & Dessert. No website nor social accounts, well, according to their spokesperson they are just a 2 week old venture. The card gave the number 0917 869 5228 and 0917 714 6737 with email address They gave a bite size sample of their leche plan, it was bite size and enough for me to say "Yummy!" I am diabetic so I definitely now a sweet taste when it touches my tongue. I love their slogan " special moments made sweeter". I love their leche flan because it reminded me this staple dessert at our family gatherings! It made me miss those times when Lola Osay was around and made sure there is always a leche plan on the food table.

I got a blue sandal keychain from Ryder. A blue ballpen engraved with and another blue pen from Microtel from Wyndmar. Thank you for these favorite color items, sad to say I do not have much more information to share except Ryder is a footwear and Microtel is a chain of hotels .. google would the source of information

Found a Hair Keratin Treatment worht Php1500 care of Bangs Prime Salon with site facebook bangstnj twitter @bangstnj and number 526 1965

I have 2 one time use 25% discount card Victoria Court, a sticker and a brochure. Their website is  and a multiply account? I guess its an old brochure since multiply is no longer around.

There was a Bitdefender booth and I was lucky to get a trial security on their fish bowl. I also got a pamhplet... nothing more.. i guess to know more.. one has to google them. I was given  a contact number of the promodizer which she wrote at the back if I have any more questions.

No pamhplet but I got the calling card of Roland P Panares, owner / manager of Manong's Lechon Cebu.  He has two blogs, and and the website of  The lechon taste good.. and my MOM! I thought she was behind me, only to see her line up for the second time! Jusme, kakahiya... but then its hard to control a 74 year old least ang bata, pwedeng takutin ng pulis.. siya, hinde! So, salamat na lang po sa lechon at talagang nasarapan si mudra.

I also got a card of Michelle Hung, CFO, for Cashflow Club , Rich dad asia official. I had been receiving text messages i think regarding this. Finally i saw the physical game they were advertising... sad to say, nothing more i can say....

Lactium? Whatever... I am grateful for their stress buster and two capsule but with a name like that? Did I pronounce it right, spell it right? Problem with branding. Oh wait, looking at the facebook account at the back of the brochure its

I got to taste a Sosro Fruit Tea imported and distributed by Reddimart Multi-resources Inc. I enjoyed the Freeze flavor! Their site is and facebook

I got a Chemworld brochure that entitles me to a free perfume when i visit to their store. Their facebook is fragrancefactoryph and website is

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pinoyscrapper's 2015 Top Ten Emerging blogs writing project

Well, if you want more details, the original posting is at

My choice of 10 blogs are :

1. - am an aldub fan, upon seeing their article on aldub, i chose agad, agad na... mapagalitan pa ako ni lola nidora

2. - articles to save and invest? GO!

3. - a blog that caters to mid life crisis? boy, i can relate. Yes!

4. - i love amateur blogs for they are more personal, they have that touch of love. Yeah... it has a chance

5. - running blog, of course yes. health may be an elusive goal but i dream of it

6. - hmmm it seems commercial one but i like the review articles, and i think with their intense marketing, the blog would take off... i just hope they stop the text blast... that is how i first heard of the blog

7. - a review blog, i find it unique and for this it shall emerge...

8. - wow! an lgbt travel / love blog? makes me wishful and dreamy ... and for this kilig factor... am sure, a lot would subscribe and read the blog...afterall, the pink market is supposedly at least 10% of the population

9. - who does not want to be happy? so if you need that happy boost, saw articles and that can make one happy or smile at least.

10. - and my last choice would be a green blog.. we all have to do our share for the climate change and this blog is very very informative

Blogs I did not consider:
those whose posts are more of press releases of various products and services...

 This year's sponsors are:

  1.  Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 
  2. Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program
  3. Alfox Printing Services 
  4. One Network ECommerce

Monday, September 28, 2015

Webster Sept 2015 - Iris Babao Uy Class

This may be Iris' last scrapbook class for 2015, unless some new papers would arrive. She used webster pages, metal charms, foam die cuts, stamps, and left over embossing medium.