Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pinoyscrapper's 2015 Top Ten Emerging blogs writing project

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My choice of 10 blogs are :

1. - am an aldub fan, upon seeing their article on aldub, i chose agad, agad na... mapagalitan pa ako ni lola nidora

2. - articles to save and invest? GO!

3. - a blog that caters to mid life crisis? boy, i can relate. Yes!

4. - i love amateur blogs for they are more personal, they have that touch of love. Yeah... it has a chance

5. - running blog, of course yes. health may be an elusive goal but i dream of it

6. - hmmm it seems commercial one but i like the review articles, and i think with their intense marketing, the blog would take off... i just hope they stop the text blast... that is how i first heard of the blog

7. - a review blog, i find it unique and for this it shall emerge...

8. - wow! an lgbt travel / love blog? makes me wishful and dreamy ... and for this kilig factor... am sure, a lot would subscribe and read the blog...afterall, the pink market is supposedly at least 10% of the population

9. - who does not want to be happy? so if you need that happy boost, saw articles and that can make one happy or smile at least.

10. - and my last choice would be a green blog.. we all have to do our share for the climate change and this blog is very very informative

Blogs I did not consider:
those whose posts are more of press releases of various products and services...

 This year's sponsors are:

  1.  Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 
  2. Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program
  3. Alfox Printing Services 
  4. One Network ECommerce

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for including my blog on your list! :) So touching. I'm inspire to shre more of my running experience and fitness regimens :)