Scrapbook techniques

There are a lot of techniques, this page would serve as a summary of the various techniques that we can apply to our scrapbooking.

1. Matting - This is the practice of placing a picture on top of a paper. Matting itself already provides a little pizzas, a design, interest on the picture. Related techniques would be double matting, triple matting or basically multiple matting.  A decorative scissor can be used on the first mat to provide some design.

2. Frames - This technique basically placing the picture inside a frame, giving it focus. There are scrapbook picture frames that are usually available. I do not normally use them since i like my pictures big as in usually by 4 x 6, and the paper frames on the market usually holds a smaller picture.

3. Cropping - One can still fit a picture into a ready to use frame by cropping, which is cutting the picture into a desired size or shape.