Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project

Hope I would be accepted for the 3rd year in this annual endeavor of Janette Toral. I still have the souvenir t shirts for 2012 ( a white t shirt) and 2013 (a black t shirt)  but aside from these : best day for getting to know the speakers and the subjects. In 2012, the hot topic then was the e commerce law and how that affects blogging and libel issues - law is into limbo, unresolved. In 2013, I noticed more participants and that focus on how much hot it was to be a digital influencer - of it being a career, a field, and industry and not just a personal endeavor as it had started.

I am nominating the following blogs from the list of those considered:


I got to know Apple, the blogger, personally on an event at Lancaster City. She is young and vibrant, full of zest. It is this personal warmth that endears her and translated into her blog.


Sherlane is a bubbly friend  who apprenticed under Janette Toral. Sometimes one gets to the cross roads in life or simply wants something extra, another way and her blog provides that.


Pedia means knowledge and it provides just that .. entertaining knowledge. For these, it will be popular and attractive.


FOOD! We need to nourish or simply pig out. As a child, I remember I would always be escorted by a baker from our store to the wet market and to have a merienda : halo halo and palabok. It was a treat for me.  Thus a blog that showcase food is always welcome!

5. -

We all dream of a simply life, but reality makes life actually more complicated that it should be. Well, here is to supporting a blog that chronicles that.. an attempt at a simply life.


Very informative blog and universal!


I am a movie aficionado and this one I understand.. very simple.


I consider this an old fashioned blog : one written by an individual to communicate and share, not for profit or career on the internet.


The blog caught my attention with its story of suicide and other facts. The BPO is an industry and although it is niched, i find it very interesting.


I love personal blogs! It is this sharing that makes them interesting!

Likewise, special mention should be given to sponsors to the writing project: