Monday, February 25, 2013

FSCB Challenge 14 : Punchers !!!

No more leather bookmarks! But I feel I should do at least one more layout to make it 15 layouts for my Mom.... what do i do? Saw the die cuts given freely by Ate Jeannie David from Feb 09 Scrappin Club  with the birds colored by stamps! Blue paper that goes on with background and the blue cupid, Go!

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate Series 08

This is the second velvet lace on file... but the pale pink or baby pink is not the same as the red one. I tried to place it simply on the white misted paper, it was not that much magic. So, I placed the black paper inside the packaging which showed better contrast, better ooomp! Yeah, that did it.. anyway, pink is still just another shade of my mother's dress.

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate Series 07

AAS has these beautiful velvet laces. I always have thought them to be nice to use - well, I am trying to get away from that thinking.  We sometimes sort of save a lot of things, not using them, thinking of using them for a special occasion or special event - everyday is special, everyday is unique, and we all deserve the best, no matter when, where, and what.

So, I took out the red velvet lace and use it as the mat. Honestly, i dont know if I should add more embellishment - the red velvet seems enough...

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate Series 06

Delightful is when you see sisters all together! My Mom is a bit surprised how fast time flies that this week, this 28th of February - would be the first death anniversary of Tita Ninang Tud - their eldest sister.

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate Series 05

This would be Ate Othie, Tita Millete, my Mom, Tita  Pat, and Tita Susan. They are relatives, sisters.. and definitely friends.

Sometimes we would have family but they are not friends.. and sometimes friends are whom we consider families.

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate Series 04

Well, the sketch called for a center matting but just to spice it up a little - a slight permutation, I placed it diagonally.

The base paper is that watercolour paper stamped with distress ink.

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate Series 03

I think my Mother is sweet although conservative.. hei.. how many mothers went to the office of their 25 year old son with a birthday cake?

Up to now, I wonder if my supervisor then was envious or was sarcastic with what my Mom did. Me, of course, I felt so shy / shame - there is no exact english equivalent of the word HIYA!

For me, yes, naturally.. hiya ako noon. I could only just smile

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate Series 02

I should mention that most of these pics, if not all, were taken by my brother.. he does have an artistic sense. My mother enjoyed being the subject, having her photos taken... she simply loves the attention!

The paper was just ripped from the watercolor paper. I could make it a bit square by making it cut but using it that roughly adds something, I got the idea from Ime Oranga who used the papers as such...

Then just o cover the white space.. i used washi tapes - decorative writing of gold.

FSCB Challenge 14 : AAS Bookplate 01

I made 9 Layouts using AAS bookplates and the FSCB Challenge 14. These are all simple but I find a certain elegance in their simplicity, perhaps in the future when I find more embellishments - will add on to these...

FSCB Challenge 14 : Stencils - SMILE

Am speechless... words elude me right now.

FSCB Challenge 14 : Stencils - HAPPY

Happy! My Mom is all smiles, she simply loves to have her pictures taken.

FSCB Challenge 14 : Stencils - DEAR

Could not think of any title of my Mom and her sisters.. so I borrowed the franchised title of Ate Jeannie David : Dear!

FSCB Challenge 14 : Stencils - JOY

Joy or happiness, tidings, glad... this is a day to day feeling of my mother as she smiles...

FSCB Challenge 14 : Stencils - HOT

Consider me biased, but I think my Mom is still pretty hot at 72yo! Or it could also be just my daily brainwashing whenever we are at the dinner table and she relates on how others always comment how beautiful she is and how young she looks.....


Who would not glow with praises? Today, she told me again how others wonder at her youthful looks and that at the meeting there was some marketing people of Avon.. and as expected, my Mother simply told them she uses Estee Lauder....

My Mom is honest but I think I got my brutal frankness from her. She simply knows how to speak her mind and does not exercise her right to be silent.

FSCB Challenge 14 : Stencils - KIND

Kind as in .. my mother is really the kindest person I know. She is so kind she could not think that any other person to be bad or evil, that no one would have it in them to fool her... duhhhhh

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FSCB Challenge 14 : ME 03

Bad .. I have my bad habits like staying up late watching cable  or DVD! I also do not follow my mothers wishes such as getting a hair cut!

Well, the base paper is double sided pattern paper - other side is me with a semi bald head cut, and this one before the hair cut...

I know I tried to have a mischievous smile as I am into mischief at times I wonder if I had succeeded.. one thing definitely - this one is such an opposite of the other layout.

FSCB Challenge 14 : ME 02

This is a self picture last November 2012, that time my mother decided to bring to the hospital. But, I could no longer wait due to the pain - I rushed myself to the emergency room of Makati Medical Center.

When my mother was calling to bring me there - I simply replied I just returned and had signed a waiver, doctor wanted to confine me!

And when I was able to go out, i head out to the barber for a hair cut.... I wanted a flat top but she does not know so I ended up with semi calbo!

FSCB Challenge 14 : Me 01

Me and Luna...

I was wearing a red orange shirt so I thought of using the hand made papers from All About Scrapbooking (phased out... hehehehe)

FSCB Challenge 14 : MOMMY 05

Satin flowers, a problem to paste, thus the solution is to place using brads!

My Mom was all smiles for wearing her terno again, the last time she wore these was around 7 years ago at the wedding of Cha Cha Alojado and Mark Fule - who were blessed with two children Nathan and Markie.

FSCB Challenge 14 : MOMMY 04

The challenge has a center mat with one item on the upper left hand corner and two on the bottom right.

The center mat is from a discontinue line of All About Scrapbooking, the other half used in another layout.

FSCB Challenge 14 : MOMMY 03

Last Monday, 18 February 2013, Me and my Mom went to Divisoria - 168 Mall provided us with some treasures - papers, stencils, tapes, and stamps!

We were able to buy these stencils for only Php20 each ( which is around 10% what stencils we had bought earlier!) My ex girlfriend, Honor, always specificy white roses so - easy, I use white gesso to imprint on colored papers.

We bought some nice "waterproof papers" but not really sure if they are acid free or archival safe - the picture is matted on All About Scrapbooking paper

FSCB Challenge 14 : MOMMY 02

Yes.. this is the other half of the page used as the center frame decorated with flowers and washi tapes.

FSCB Challenge 14 : Mommy 01

The velvet lace of All About Scrapbooking is a challenge to adhere or paste - but I found some violet flower brads with a gem as center, perfect !

All About Scrapbooking has this new line given to us in the Scrapping Club February meet, what I did is to cut up it in half and use it as the center mat for two layouts!

Now, for that special touch - a simply dash of Butterfly on musical note washi tapes courtesy of Vivian Uy from Lasting Moments!

FSCB Challenge 14 : WOW

WoW!!!! The layout was used from the Scrapping Club kit of February 2012, kit cost Php250 but I did not use all.. I would like to estimate this costs around Php100.

I wanted to use the puff stickers before they lose their adhesion, but to provide contrast - I placed some gesso on the side then sticked these stickers. I always believe in contrast so that an element would not be lost.

For the border, I use the All About Scrapbooking decorative tape (these retail for only Php49.75 for 5 rolls!)

FSCB Challenge 14 : LUNA 02

I lost Luna for 5 days and 4 nights last January 2013! She was in heat and she eloped with a street cat, colored white with gray patches!

I even lighted a vigil candle that she return to me even if she had been disgraced... now I jokingly call her "DISGRASYADA ...." I would shout out and then smile... yup, she is pregnant and most likely end of March or by April she would be giving birth... I would now be a grandpa!

This layout is 100% All About Scrapbooking and 100% off the market... yeah, using our horde. The chipboard embellishment was on sale for only Php50 Php90.

FSCB Challenge 14 : LUNA 01

Luna ... named after the moon. After all, in the first three days - she drove me crazy from worry. She left  my pad!  No emotional attachment but she was a gift and I was more worried on how to tell the giver that I loss Luna!

FSCB Challenge 14 : COME ON!

Well, I wanted to use my Mom's punchers to add some pizazz, but the inner size was just good for the picture so instead of the picture on top of the bottom left or upper right, i placed it inside.

Ok - I found some scrapbook papers at 168 Mall in Divisoria sold in packets of 10 (assorted) for only Php 70!!! So this is one of those papers, the base is then only Php7.  The other paper is from All About Scrapping booking as the frame and then punched around, I can say that the whole layout would cost less than Php30!!

Scrapbooking is thought to be an expensive hobby but one just had to be simple and economical.

FSCB Challenge 14 : SAD

SAD and yet I look more comically sad. I took it after I had a hair cut, which I got from boredom.

Today has been ... well productive, a start for my juices so to speak. My layouts are still very simply, practically bare.... but will still elicit some reaction - at least a smile.

FSCB Challenge 14 : US

It has been more than five years since I was involved in a relationship .. now US pertains to me and my pet cat Luna! She loves to come up on my bed and lie on top of my chest or just lie beside me.

I had been through a lot with her ... twice I thought I have lost her but it is still us.

FSCB Challenge 14 : ME

Seriously... well, this is what other people see me such they think of me as being snobbish.

Friday, February 15, 2013

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME : LOOK

Ha ha ha ! I laugh at myself every time I look at my picture, and now at this layout.  I think we all should always have a laugh at ourselves from time to time.

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME : i love you

LOVE YOURSELF!!! People seem to forget theirselves...

so, even though I am single - I used a discontinued AAS heart paper set.. I love you.. even if its simple me! Because I love myself...

I followed the FSCB base paper tilted and then with lines.. with washin tapes for those simple embellishment.

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME : smiling

Smiling is the best embellishment for the face and any layout.

It is not easy to smile at times and it takes a little effort .. but it is worth it...

All the papers are from AAS ... the only thing not AAS is the yellow washi tape complement of Vivian Uy from Lasting Impressions.

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME : sleep alone

I found these 6 x 6 AAS which I used as the base ... and for additional embellishment are the cardboard also from AAS.

I find it sad that AAS discontinue certain product lines - I guess its because some were not that saleable and i think its just a matter of information dissemination.  I myself do not buy some products I do not know how to use.

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME : My Favorite

My favorite - refers to Luna, my cat, she is my favorite and the only one remaining... and our favorite activity is cuddling together in bed.

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME : calories

My Mom like this one mentioning how I look much like her... duhhhhh... that is a fact I already know and had accepted a long, long time ago...

And as before I usually just counter.. I do not look like her, I am a better version, I have a nicer nose from my father's genes!

She would laugh... with her trademark laughter... that hahahaha... femine and genuine laugh of hers...

Me... I admit being overweight, being obese stage one.. because I do love to eat!

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME : I may be late ...

LATE!!! Being late had been my problem in school and at work... but in the Vietnam tour, we are all conscious of being late, no one wants to be left....

I love the papers of AAS although they are actually only 6 x 6...  one may not be able to use them as base for a 12 x 12 layout but they provide nice embellishments...

FSCB Challenge 13 - ME: Just the Facts

The base paper is from those I bought from Divisoria.. just Php7 per sheet! All the rest are from AAS - using their 6 x 6 and 12 x 12 paper. The Journal tablet was taken from my Mother's stash.

I used a black and white washi tape at the bottom to further complement.

FSCB Challenge 13 - Cover : JEN

This would be my folder cover... then I realized later that I placed the wrong name! Senior moment, just a good thing I had not given this one yet...

The three block of paper are from 6 x 6 paper of AAS. I cut out the Chevron from my Mother's stash.

I stamped "dreams, enjoy, and wish" in gesso white to provide contrast to the brown paper.

FSCB Challenge 13 - Vietnam Tour Cover

This is the cover for the album gift to my Tita Pat. I used 12 x 12 papers from Divisoria, so it only costs Php14!

Then I used the 6 x6 paper blocks from AAS as the background of the pic... nice!

The horizontal bar is from the packaging of the papers. Clock and that leave embellishment from Echo Park of Mother's stash

FSCB Challenge 13 - Vietnam Tour 05

Uuugghhh.. I always say there are no bad work or ugly layouts.. so I would jsut say that this one is.. a bit uninspired...

The only magic moment about this one.. well, it did not make it to the last challenge so i placed it on another base paper to qualify the layout of the current challenge... then a journalling card from my mother's stash...

FSCB Challenge 13 - Vietnam Tour 04

Oh... nice one... i did not make the deadline of the last FSCB challenge... solution: place it on another paper to get the general gheist of the current challenge! Tadahhhhh

So that made me smile and laugh about it...

FSCB Challenge 13 - Vietnam Tour 03

Another rehashed late entry... placed tilted on another base paper and entered instantly on the current challenge.

The base frame is from a discontinued line which i think goes well with the background of the picture... how should i say it? Forest look...

FSCB Challenge 13 Vietnam Tour 02

This was  the second stop of the tour.. the presidential residence. it was formal and ... yet.. nothing... the place was simple.. thus i could not think of any but a simple design also for the layout....

Just to add a little and yet enough.. a bird chipboard from my Mother:s stash.

FSCB Challenge 13 - Vietnam Tour 01

This is that cave... so I cut the leaves from an old set of AAS and placed it inverted to seem like the rocks hanging from the ceiling... stalacmites or stalagmites.. whatever@!