Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 Emerging Top 10 Influential Blogs

I came across this over the net via Facebook of a friend, Leira Pagaspas, another Scrapbooker that I met in a Scrap meet. I am interested in joining the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit to be held at SMX on 29 September 2012. So, I am here making this post.. without a layout page - in the hopes of being part of that summit and be able to learn something new.

I am also suppose to pick at least 5-10 blogs... ooops, not that easy! Am not much of a follower of other blogs. I had been blogging more as a self expression ... but my evil virtual twin has a good following! Even my own blogs are not that regular... oh well, they gave a list of blogs that are qualified and as I go through the list, let me list the ones I am familiar with:

1. - Oh, I am familiar with them! Sort of the net whistleblower for me, more known with the Chief Justice brouhahaha, so its first on my list...

2. - I actually just got to know about this blog this week! I found it informative, so its second on my list

3. - I came across her in facebook, travelling is a dream.. ok... influential!

now... these are not in the list provided by but i think these blogs qualify

4. - The blog kept me from spiraling downwards in terms of depression, locking me up on creativity with scrapbooking.

5. - I checked and her blogposts started Nov 2011.

I nominate the last two because they did influence me and I am sure the local scrapbooking community. Although I created this blog around December 2010 or January 2011, it was only this year that I really got to blog here. ( what? how come I have post prior to these period? Blogspot allows one to post in prior years, and since I consider this as my virtual diary, antedated some of my postings.  )

I hope the above citings would fit the requirement for the consideration to be part of the summit.

OOOppsss... was informed, blog number 4 does not qualify and best i not submit only 6. So, in compliance with the notice I think the following would be useful and influential:

1. - afterall, who would not want to be updated with apps on the market?

2. - got a glimpse, another person who had been blogging for a while, and a new blog of his was considered to be qualified... influential, i would be reading more to know more about him, perhaps something for me to consider

3. - two sided something.. well... two heads are always better than one

4. - am a mid 40s guy, somehow just a big kid just like a lot, into gadgets! Well, the interest in gadgets must be from reading and watching spy stories... like that James Bond series! So am sure, this would be influential as it provides infos on gadgets

5. - who does not feel out of place? It is normal to follow the band wagon, the follow the majority - for the truth is, we do not want to be identified as the troll, the odd one, the geeky one... but times are changing... geeks rule... trolls are around us!

6. - this is the last... my reason for choosing this among the list : who does not love stories? we all do!

Likewise, do visit the original posting, you might get interested also and the link is

And as stated in the previous entry, the sponsors should also be in the entry: Tof SalcedoPhilippine data centerPhilippine online shoppingDigitalFilipino ClubSearch Profile, and more to be added..

what else?.... keeping my fingers cross, and hope to see ourselves (yeah, you, in case you decide to go there too)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

FSCB Sketch Challenge 5 - Single Me

Ok, so If I tilt the sketch? So I have two vertical lines.. what should I use? Still using the paper stacks from the Scrappin Club September kit, one strip on one side and using a big foam stamp courtesy of Jeannie David, I have my two borders.

Good thing I have a brown stamp stashed in the bag! And my plastic bag of pictures - I used my pics taken at Sentosa Park in Singapore... it was appropriate... so, they finished a page (i guess), I finished two!

FSCB Sketch Challenge 5 - Family

Well, attended the the September Scrappin Club day today - 15 September 2012. They wanted to make a page, technique basically is making a frame, and then folding a paper accordion type and placing die cuts to make it more 3d like. My idea of the paper? Use it on the challenge!

Also found an extra 8 x 8 page which i used as a mat on the picture, which is me, my sister in law, and nephew..a  family... family tree.... :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kath's 8th sketch - WE RULE

The inner mat of the paper is from the new line of AAS. The title "we rule" came from the Out and Loud paper set and the right side band cdame from the Nostalgia set.

What I love about the layout is using the "picket fence" being sold by AAS. Then using the flowers form the Out & Loud, it looked nicer - these are pasted on double sided foam for added dimension.

Kath's 8th sketch -

The pink banderetas are actually the petals of a large fabric flower.

REGALO - is spanish for GIFTS. It was their November 2009 reunion and they decided to exchange gifts as early as that.  Why the filipino or spanish word? Well, the letter set no longer has the the letter F, so thought of another title.

In attaching the pink petals, I used double sided tape.

Kath's 8th Sketch - FRIENDS

Still on the series of photos of my Mom's Cabuyao Institute High School Batch 58, using the sketch of Kath but inverted to have a different angle.

The band is basically the back side of a pattern paper, to show a white band to provide contrast.

Kath's 8th Sketch - AWESOME

Awesome! That is how I could term the friendship of my Mom and his Cabuyao Institute classmates High School Batch 1958! In this layout, quick and easy is to use one of the Titles of AAS on their Out and Loud Paper set. The base paper is from the Nostalgia set.

The big flower is acutally just a nested fabric flowers. The red butterflies are from the goody bag of Makin More Memories at Grepalife as organized by Sunshine Asuncion Dee. 

Kath's Sketch 8 - FOREVER

A take on Kath's Sketch 8 for September 2012. The picture is that of my Mom's Cabuyao Institutue High School Reunion in November 2009.

All the materials except the orange fabric butterflies are from  All About Scrapbooking. The orange butterflies came from the goody bag of More Scrappin event in Grepalife as organized by Sunshine Asuncion See.

I have a large pink fabric flower, I cut the petals to use in another layout. the excess are triangles that I used as banderettas in this layout. The ribbon was cut in half thus showing small lien of squares.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Online Scrapbook Group MMM - 6th LO

Layered silk flowers and decorative tape as borders... simply straighfoward...

Who said scrapbooking is expensive? Just used one basic paper  and then for matting and borders... so the paper... should cost around Php15. Decorative tape used... there Php50 for five tapes.. so.. probably used only around Php5 or less worth. The flowers? Well, these are the items accumulated from attending the AAS contest and club days! I can estimate the costing to be around Php40 or less.. quite cheap and it felt good scrapping...


All About Scrapbooking (AAS) have new line of papers! They have one page that has words - great for titles! But the base paper here is an old set, phased out... hehehehe.... just choose another.

The sketch is still from the Online Group MMM in Facebook from Sunshine Asuncion See. She organized an online scrapgroup that moved the mojo running over the weekend!

I also got to sue the decorative tapes of AAS, stickers and all. The project is prepared from 100% AAS products, probably cost me only Php50 for the whole thing.... or less.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Online Scrapbook Group - MMM 3rd LO STAYING COOL

I still have to write the journalling which would be :

Ngiwe, Belat, and Weh!!!

Simple layout - time consuming was finding and matching the papers!

The satin flowers are on a mat - which is actually the backside of AAS packets, then i used a clear stamped for the bark effect...

Online Scrapbook Group - MMM 2nd lo Ms Earth

In October 2009, I had the privelege of meeting Ms Sambil 2009 who represented Venezuela in the Ms Earth 2009.

My Mom noticed more the shirt I was wearing which says Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Scrap, Repeat. She bought the shirt for me in one scrapbook event.

I used at Art Deco set of All About Scrapbooking - that somehow jive with the Ms. Earth title she won. More fun was doing the stamping of a mannequin and making a small sash for her.