Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ate Cecille's Stand Up Card

Last Wednesday, 06 March 2013, Ate Cecille Atengco shared her knowledge at card making at Lasting Impressions in preparation for her 06 April Card Making Class.

The card sample was so nice! The technique or steps in doing the card are quite simple.

Let me share the steps in making your own Stand Up Card, its basically nice and can be done in an hour (more time depending on the embellishments or less time if you use simple / ready made embellishments such as the one i used from All About Scrapbooking.

1. Cut a 6 x 12 strip of paper. It can be patterned or not, this would serve as the base of the card.
 You can just cut in half using a paper cutter a 12 x 12 paper sheet.

2. Fold the paper in half.

3. Fold the front flap upwards.

4. Cut for a  6 x 6 paper, which would be your front card cover. All About Scrapbooking sells 6 x 6 paper stacks which would be great for this!

5. Embellish the front cover, decorate it any ways you wish! You can place a photo or stamped images, saying or what have you. I cut a patterned paper into 5.75 by 5.75, placed a photo of my Mom and Nanette Garcia, placed two stickers, glued two petals and two flowers. Set aside.

6. Place a base pattern paper on the inside card. In this sample, I cut a 5.75 x 5.75 paper from All About Scrapbooking Blossoms set 2011 ( discontinued as of 2013).

7. Place a paper border at the middle and a ribbon, this would serve as a stopper when the front card is positioned to stand up. I can use the front - colored or the back side which is white, for my sample i chose the white or back side as it provides a more striking contrast. Photos show contrast: I also distressed the white punched paper ribbon.

8. Place sentiment, greeting or what about you to serve as caption for the card cover or sentiment to be expressed in the card. In this example, this is meant to be a Birthday card for Nanette Garcia of All About Scrapbooking / Filstar.

9. Paste or attached the front card to the front flap of the card.  Card is finished! Your done!

Note: The card layout was based on the FSCB 15 challenge. I positioned the blossom paper to have the daisy in lieu of the doily pattern paper with the bottom part reflective of the square base.

Below is Bessie Del Rosario's take during that Wednesday afternoon. She used the provided die cuts and embellishment by Ate Cecille Atengco.

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