Friday, March 15, 2013


Found three 2 x 3 or 2R pics of my Mom and Kianell - perfect for the sketch challenge turned 90degrees! It is a rare memory to see Mom teaching and sharing Dairy Queen banana split with her youngest grandchild.

I have always chided Mom that she tend to have the elder sibling as her favorite, just for the fact that he was born earlier and loved for two years more than the younger one. But between the two, the younger one is more charming, more loveable.

My Mom as usual denied she had any favorites. I simply countered, show me pictures of you and just Kianel. She really did look and search, search again - and then made an excuse that she has very few pictures of herself and Kianel because the kid is not available! Duhhhhh!! Hmp!!! Denial Grandma! Anyway, since then, she is a bit conscious of this and tried to have more pictures with Kianel.. such as the above.

Where is the eldest son? Sitting somewhere sulking because he was not able to have his way!

Tehcnique moment or learning.. using various flowers consciously and that owl - which is an acrylic image.

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