Saturday, March 9, 2013


Ringmaster..or should I just use ferris wheel? Nahh, ferris wheel would be too lame just because I cut the ferris wheel in lieu of the doily placement.  Ringmaster would be nice and reflective of me... after all, i did lead and commandeered a lot of "circus" in life.... during my studies and at work.. i was the brain and brawn.

People did looked up at me and i did juggle resources and my own time... ergo... the inclusion of two cut outs...

My scrap moments here : 1)placing another cutout on the feet of the juggler so it would be a bit more solid. 2) I used two punch out and placed a scrap to serve as the rectangular base, it did looked nice.  3) I reversed the scallop border which i had been using downwards.

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