Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back ...

In a few hours, it would be 2014! A year has passed, 2013 would be just another memory. TV shows doing their year end review in count. Well, let me take this time to reminiscence and look back.

Glen finally got married to Micar Pablo during the first quarter! Kiko got engaged and would be married next year. And I am still single, still hoping and waiting.

Mentally, I had been more active in blogging and Facebook. Well, at least I have some social life. I attended my second Digital Influencer seminar and I got a black tshirt. My first conference was in 2012 and I got a white t shirt! During the first conference, the debate was more of the internet censorship hulabaloo, and a year after not much legal concern but more on the advances of technology.

Socially, I would like to think I am doing ok. Although, sad to say ... Filstar had closed down its Scrappin club during the 2nd quarter.. May 2013. They hold a monthly club meeting and it was so nice meeting and learning new things.. but it ended I guess with the resignation of Ms. Carmel Carpio who kept it alive for 8 years! They said they would re open another club last November.. and it did not materialize.

Spiritually I would like to think that I became more of a happy go lucky person.. i believe in ENJOY LIFE!! The saddest moment of the year is the passing away of my cousin last July. May he rest in peace (which I doubt ... I still feel his presence, oh I do hate being more of a medium!) I still dream and feel Nef to be just around. On times that I have a question on life, I remember him and realize that I should maximize life, enjoy it .. no matter that I sink in debt a little or something.. just that I should experience life! Nef is more than a cousin, he was my first best friend, born 20 days ahead of me, we had the same elementary education and all. I found it unfair that he did not even reach his 47th birthday, and yet i can envision him smiling that I am now finally older than him.

Physically, I feel better! I joined a Nestle FitFil challenge May - June and then the last one from November to December! Coach Toni Saret recalls me to be one of her faculty during college... oh my!! I can and do wear size 30 pants / shorts! Huh, somehow salesgirls find it difficult to accept that is my size, but instead of being irritated, i try my best to simply smile it off.

And this reminds me, the most recent discovery I have provided by Ms. Janette Toral : IVI premium Collagen Night Cream!  Its not the first time I have used such products, I started out with Ponds anti aging cream and then moved on to Olay being more popular and available else where (US and Venezuela!).

I am 47 years old and yet people always mistook me for the younger son (there are only two of us from my Mother), mistaking my brother to be the older one! Its a good thing that Obet had resigned himself to this instead of being annoyed and irritated, he simply manages to smile and laugh it off. I usually joke off that I am younger since I am single and no children! When I say this in the presence of my nephews, they would simply smile from ear to ear - they know they stress and age my brother to dear heavens!

The cream is a different since it is "pearly" attributable to the collagen it has. To quote the advert :

Ivi Premium Collagen Night Cream Designed to moisturize & repair your skin while you sleep. A Collagen infused night cream that is rich in anti-oxidants. It will smoothen skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles to give you a soft and youthful complexion. Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen mixed with exotic Japanese ingredients formulated to give you smoother & younger-looking skin. Egg shell membrane, which is a good source of collagen as well, helps repair damage skin cells when applied. The night cream is also infused with Licorice Root Extract that reduces hyperpigmentation by blocking tyrosinase, a skin enzyme responsible for the pigmentation process. Reduced hyperpigmentation soothe, clarify and brighten skin. Price of the product is P1,250. Available at Mercury Drug and Watsons.

The product costs more than Pond's or Olay but still cheaper than what my Mom use. More info can be sourced at their website http://ivi.com.ph and their FB page is at http://www.facebook.com/iviryo

Financially, well, I still need to find a source of income aside from my savings. But as I smile at myself on the mirror, there is always hope for the coming 2014 ... right now, health is wealth.. and this face of mine, I should be glad and happy that I have reached it when a cousin did not .. and .. here is just...