Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 - A new year, a new start, a new blog

Monday, 17 January 2011. Now there are three of us, me, my mom, and Mariz (paternal first cousin) who trek to the monthly Scrappin' Club of All About Scrapbooking courtesy of Filstar Distributors. I have always wanted to do a blog about it just could not sit down and conceptualize what would be my entries and all. Then, I got the concept of this blog:

1. To document the scrapping club day
2. To share techniques or thoughts from other scrapper
3. To showcase the various artwork and reasons behind projects

I was away for almost three years and in that period I felt home everytime my mother would send the scrapbook kits she got from attending the monthly scrappin' club. However, what was lacking would always be the instructions! Still, it was fun to receive them, that the gesture itself shows I am still remembered. So here goes, to remind and to share those scrappin' club moments.

The Scrappin Club for this month was held las 15 January - it was a SCRAP BUFFET!

Members got to pay Php200 entrance fee of which one was given a giveaway kit, for you to bring home! The kit was not to be used to follow any projects. We all watched  the CD sampler of All About Scrapbooking that contains basic steps and techniques. Then Yuan showed a demo of the following techniques:

1. Use of Chipboard Alphabet - They can be colored or pasted with stickers or pattern papers.

2. Paper pleating - Paper can be pleated then pasted with a double sided tape for use as borders
3. Fabric flowers - They can be cut in quarters or cut in half to use as accents
4. Paper Crumpling - Plain paper can be crumpled then de stressed with ink pad to provide a more defined crumpled effect
5. Sand paper embossing - Chipboard alphabet or any item can be placed underneath single paper and sandpapered to show the shape.
6. Paper flowers - Basically tear 3 circles of paper each smaller, crumple and assemble together either just by pasting, double sided, brad, or eyelet. The paper flowers can also be distress with an ink pad.

The members then started with the Scrap Buffet wherein everyone can use as much of the papers and embellishment placed on the table, but no take home! There was a raffle wherein almost everyone took home some gifts. Special award was given to three best layouts that afternoon, and special give aways to those who were able to do most number of layouts  - such as 8 layouts that afternoon!

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