Sunday, February 23, 2014

FSCB 44 : Gunting Ka Ba?

Oh yes! Scissors or gunting is the most basic tool we scrapbookers or crafters use! It was the first to enter my mind.. and yet the last card I made.

Gunting ka ba?
(Are you a "scissor"?)

Gutay gutayin man ang puso ko,
Ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko
(Even if you shred my heart,
I still love you!)

What is different in this card is that i used an acrylic silver dabber on the white embellishment bought from Filstar's AAS.  The multicolored ribbon - not sure where it came from, just saw it on the craft aka dining table. Still used Martha Steward Punchers on the corner.

This ends the February Pick Up card series : made me wishful and sad.. as I lost my cat last thursday.. but good thing I already had thought about the Pick up lines.


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