Sunday, October 14, 2012

FSCB Challenge 7 - Mommy and Ate Jeannie

Ate Jeannie David is not part of our family tree but she is more than blood. She lost her mom years ago and thus has adopted my Mother and Mom - she had always wished for a daughter .. which is Ate Jeannie David!

My Mom had been religiously attending the Scrappin Club monthly meets - exception would be due to the weather or health problems, and that period she had her "tampo". We attended the club meet and the scrapmania contests that we had received the same items over and over, as in the same color even. The inventory taker would not even exchange some items for another color set, and so, she sort of "boycotted Filstars's  Scrappin club for a month or two I think - till I told her that Carmel  Carpio and Nenette Garcia already agreed to have the items exchange.

And in most of those times, Ate Jeannie was always there. I am sure that there are more pics of just Ate Jeannie David and my Mom than my Mom and my brother .... and she avows she has no favorites, yeah right!!!

So sorry, babling here... back to the layout. The sketch is based the Filipino Scrapbookers' Challenge Blog challenge number 7. I also used some embossed stamp images. Also, those nested foam shapes? They were designed by Ate Jeannie and exclusively distributed by Filstar's All About Scrapbooking Club for only Php39.50!

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