Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Singapore : Crazy


Singapore : SOTA

First Singapore Photo Op!

Singapore : Bingo

In Fitness First, Singapore... BINGO! Glen got us a place to stay!

Singapore : Love Love

on the bus home... with Blandy

Caracas : Sweet Love

me and sabel

Collaboration : ALICE

Bangkal Seniors : WALKER


Bangkal Seniors : LIVE LAUGH PLAY

Bangkal Seniors : FEAST FOR THE EYES


Bangkal Seniors : KEEP CALM

Bangkal Seniors : DUO

Bangkal Seniors : U Go Girl

For Alice : ALICE

Twin layout for Mom : Spread the Love

For Alice : FAB

For Alice : GIRLS ONLY


Monday, October 15, 2012

Bangkal Seniors : Rosie & Desta

Bangkal Seniors : Chairman and I

Bangkal Seniors : Rosie, Desta, and Rose

Bangkal Seniors : Bongga Lolas

Bangkal Seniors : Dash of Sasss

Bangkal Seniors : Fun Loving

Bangkal Seniors : Oh Happy Day

Bangkal Seniors : Join the Fun

Bangkal Seniors : Bring Your Own Sunshine

Bangkal Seniors : Seniors

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FSCB Challenge 7 - Travel : Baguio Burnham Park

Oh yes, the sun was up... the Burnham park was definitely green specially with its man made lake. No, we did not ride any boat, just walk around, took pictures and so.

My mother was all smiles - telling how so long ago she had visited Baguio. She was very happy, and that made me happy!

Scrapping the pictures took time, it was so nice to relieve those moments, although we only stayed for two nights. I guess that lifted the depression from my Mom.

Likewise, since it was greenery and magical - a perfect opportunity to insert my favorite stamp, of a fairy child and a flower embossed and so are the trees - after all, Baguio City is the City of Pine!

Some of the cutouts are attached using a double sided tape making it a bit elevated, more of a 3 d effect - for the sun, clouds, fairy child, and the embossed trees.

The layout is entered for :


FSCB Challenge 7 - Travel : Baguio Last Minute Shopping!

My Mother wakes up early - she is already awake by the time I would be falling asleep! So here, while I was snoozing, she had her last minute shopping and had her photo taken.

Actually that morning, I was only told she would be going to Mass for the Baguio Cathedral - surprised that she went back to the Baguio Market for the "pasalubongs". Shopping is the second anti stresser aside from Scrapbooking...

Well, its early morning and I choose to use my prepared embossed stamps...

The layout is entered for:

FSCB Challenge 7 Movies : Ghost Rider

The legend of the Ghost Rider is that he came from hell to exact vengeance, thus he rides a motorcycle and has fire on a chain....

Ergo.. red as a background to represent the fire... and I could not find any motor bike, so I guess the bicycle should do :)

I used flower stamps that was embossed. I dont mind using the same embellishments as long as they would be in separate albums.

The layout is very simplistic but then,  red base paper is already very powerful in itself.. just as the movie which starred Nicholas Cage.

All materials are from Filstar's All About Scrapbooking. The yellow bike is a leftover from a kit from Lasting Impression.

The layout is entered for:

FSCB Challenge 7 - Mommy and Ate Jeannie

Ate Jeannie David is not part of our family tree but she is more than blood. She lost her mom years ago and thus has adopted my Mother and Mom - she had always wished for a daughter .. which is Ate Jeannie David!

My Mom had been religiously attending the Scrappin Club monthly meets - exception would be due to the weather or health problems, and that period she had her "tampo". We attended the club meet and the scrapmania contests that we had received the same items over and over, as in the same color even. The inventory taker would not even exchange some items for another color set, and so, she sort of "boycotted Filstars's  Scrappin club for a month or two I think - till I told her that Carmel  Carpio and Nenette Garcia already agreed to have the items exchange.

And in most of those times, Ate Jeannie was always there. I am sure that there are more pics of just Ate Jeannie David and my Mom than my Mom and my brother .... and she avows she has no favorites, yeah right!!!

So sorry, babling here... back to the layout. The sketch is based the Filipino Scrapbookers' Challenge Blog challenge number 7. I also used some embossed stamp images. Also, those nested foam shapes? They were designed by Ate Jeannie and exclusively distributed by Filstar's All About Scrapbooking Club for only Php39.50!

The above was entered in the:

2. Filipino Stampers Community in Facebook.

LGS 2012 October 2nd week - Nico's Birthday

I love scraps - making use of those that would had been thrown away. The blue bar is actually the negative of birds on a wire chipboard by Dusty Attic - already used the lower half and stamped it red. The upper portion I stamped blue - and just right for the challenge.

Nico is a friend I met on the internet and his birthday was 10 October - but he did not mind celebrating it with me two days earlier. We had a buffer dinner at Saisaki restaurant - an opportunity for the Japanese Geisha stamp I got from Ria.

I did this early morning so I just chose two ribbons for the upper left hand corner.

All materials are from Filstar 's All About Scrapbooking except for the stamped blue negative.

Friday, October 12, 2012

FSCB Challenge #7 - Pets : LUNA

My constant companion on my bed : LUNA.

She is half persian and half street cat given as a gift by Amb. Ricardo Endaya to me.

I used an 8x8 of AAS that is so nice I do not want to hide or cut it out. To complement the base picture, I used clouds and then a sun for the triangle and circle.  And since Luna's paw was stretch, I cut out two butterflies which where place on a foam double sided tape providing a 3d effect.

I also cut out a small blue and white cat on a 12 x 12 pet theme of AAS

The layout is submitted for the
1. Filipino Scrapbookers's Challenge Blog Challenge number 7
2. Challenge 6

Movies : Perks of a Wallflower

What is a wallflower ? - My Mom asked me.

A replied that a wallflower is suppose to represent those girls that stay seated during proms or dances since no one wanted to dance with them.

I smiled internally ... it was not something in her to understand as she had been above some girls, quite popular even being crowned as the Miss Cabuyao Institute in her High School years

The movie is nice but for a mature or open minded people. First time for me to find a female pedophile or female child abuser, usually I hear of a male elderly. But its a very nice movie of growing up and friendship. In my case, I was not a wallflower - did not even attend any prom!

The layout is submitted for the
1. Filipino Scrapbookers's Challenge Blog

Stars : Miss Earth

Oh yes.. She was Miss Earth Priscilla Meneses, a true Brazillian beauty and now married to a Filipino Actor, John Estrada.

I have my own photo with a Ms. Earth and so thus my Mom. Like Mother, like son. So, I also used the same cutouts.. those yellow and orange spirals that is suppose to reflect Ms Earth!

Final touch : I used flowers to hide the unwanted people in the picture.  :)

The layout is submitted for the
1. Filipino Scrapbookers's Challenge Blog

Stars : Maritoni Fernandez & Tweetie de Leon

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to to ask for the photo shoot  because when we spotted them, Maritoni Fernandez was talking with Tweetie de Leon and she looks snobbish, I WAS WRONG!. They both obliged and smiled for the camera, even if i had to took it again since I shot against the light.

Maritoni Fernandez is a good actress, usually the antagonist and that had been imprinted so I was hesitant, baka tarayan kami eh.

Tweetie de Leon is in her 40s but her beauty is so timeless - I remember when she won the Super Face / Super model more than decades ago ... she won against Melissa Rubio, then the girlfriend of Richard Gomez.  Well, she had proven her worth, she truly deserved the title no matter she was not the popular choice then. She was a surprise winner!

The layout is submitted for the
1. Filipino Scrapbookers's Challenge Blog

Stars : Jackielou Blanco

A timeless star! She was the host for that Shop inauguration in Glorietta 4.

The layout is submitted for the
1. Filipino Scrapbookers's Challenge Blog

I cut the shapes from a 8 x 8 paper of AAS, then i used it to form the triangle. Then from a discontinued   12 x 12 line, i sourced the circle.. but it lacked something to match the dress of the star, so i placed it on top of the other shapes, providing better contrast.

Stars : Angel Jacob

We were about to leave the scene ... then we spotted Angel Jacob and turned back. But this time, my Mom took time to put on some lipstick ... she wants some color on her lips.

The layout is submitted for the
1. Filipino Scrapbookers's Challenge Blog

For a little creativity - i used a corner clouds from another 8 x 8 of AAS instead of the straight triangle. Then, in lieu of the circle... i looked for a full moon, and the nearest I got was that cresent moon on a square.. oh well.. that should do.. Embellished the page more with chipboard stars.

LGS 2012 October Week 1: 2nd entry - Stars: Donita

My Mom is easily Star Struck! So finding Donita Rose in a bazaar, it was a photo opportunity for her !

For me, its another 8 x 8 mini album - layouts and pics of her with a movie star or singer. In this one, I used the Lets Get Sketchy sketch for 2012 October 1, my second entry...

Layout submitted for :


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baguio Memories - Sweet Perfect Day

The Left Border arch - that is really a scrap! Actually its the negative of a bird chipboard ornament she was about to throw away from Iris Uy's class. I took - stamped it with ink then placed pearl buttons on metal wires t both ends....

The Layout is entered at:
1. Kaboodles Doodles Challenge
2. October 2012 : Sketch IX
3. Challenge 8 : J for Jewels

Baguio Memories - Live Laugh Play

High from winning at the Scrapbook contest - we troop to Baguio City after almost an hour of waiting for the bus, and two hour on the bus ride. It was a nice overnight at Bloomfield Hotel, the next day - it was Burnham Park and then Rose Park. Rose Park is... lacking in terms of roses... or plants.. what was notable is that marker / bust.... I guess its the City's autumn period...

Dont have much autumn colors thus used orange to mist paper and then brown stamped some yellow flowers which are then cut out for the layout.

The layout would is made for with the following in mind:

1. Kaboodles Doodles Challenge
2. October 2012 : Sketch Challenge of Kathleen B Hernandez
3. Stacy's Stash Challenge
4. Let's geet Sketchy : October 1st week Challenge
5. Wifey's Challenge #8 - J for Jewel

Friday, October 5, 2012

FSCB Challenge 7; Movies : Unofficially Yours

My Mom asked : "May babaeng ganoon ba, SEX AGAD!" ( Is there such a woman, sex immediately?)

My answer : "Yes Mommy"

And then the awkward silence.... then we move on.

My Mom is 71 years old, definitely the generation that virginity is given only after a wedding and that sex is never talked about.

Unofficially yours reflect a reality, people would rather just have sex, which although is an intimate act is done so impersonally for they are afraid to feel, to love, for that would mean the possibility of being hurt..

Ok... moving on - the layout, could not find a good light blue paper to serve as the circle base of the challenge so I used used the backside, so plain so i distressed it with a blue stamp pad... i love the texture! It draws attention.

Layout entered for :

1. Filipino Scrapbookers' Challenge Blog
2. Wifey's Challenge #8 - J for Jewel

FSCB Challenge 7 - Movies : All The Things

A very recent movie, again, felt teary eyed with the father son scenes. Nothing heavy, nothing much - me and my mother left with a smile.

Ok, the bases paper is the white backside, but instead of stamping color - I stamped the just used masked on the paper thus creating reverse fine print.

Then using a timeless theme 12 x 12, i cut the lower left corner for the triangle and used a single theme for the base circle.  I used decorative tapoe for the border.

The movie is different as here, Regine becomes a very modern woman: she went after Aga, to the point of proposing to him! Aga does what he do best, be handsomely cute and sensitive.

Layout entered for :

1. Filipino Scrapbookers' Challenge Blog
2. Wifey's Challenge #8 - J for Jewel